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4th Shenzhen Independent Animation Art Biennale


Augustin Rebetez : Throw Your Shadows

“Expanded Animation,” a concept from Siegfried Zielinski, explores how artists using new method and media bring life, or animate, non-living things using both cinematic and non-cinematic animated forms. The 4th Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale is one the youngest events of its kind dedicated to the art of independent animation and continues to exceed expectations with its innovative approach and curation through new commissions and international and national collaborations - giving the format of biennale of the future.

"Throw Your Shadows", by Swiss artist Augustin Rebetez, is curated by Holly Roussell. The never-before-exhibited, site-specific commission was produced during a residency in Shenzhen during May and December 2018. Uniting light engineering, painting, photography, sculpture, and noise the work turns a stop-motion animation film into an epileptic full audiovisual immersive space. 

The 4th Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennaleis produced by Li Zhenhua & He Jinfang and curated by Jinsuk Suh, Holly Roussell, Tang Yong, Yang Jing, and Daniel Franke, the screening programis curated by Cao Kai & Xue Feng, the archiveis curated by Yidi Cao. With thanks to all participating artists and the people who supported us with a dedicated passion for art, and full belief in OCT-LOFT Shenzhen.

Throw Your Shadows_Film Still 1

(c) Augustin Rebetez