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Civilization: The Way We Live Now

MMCA, Seoul

Every day and every hour, human civilization expands, evolves, and mutates. Civilization is a major exhibition and book project, featuring the work of 100 of the world’s finest photographers. It addresses and illuminates major aspects of our increasingly global 21st century civilization. It stresses the fact that contemporary civilization is an extremely complex collective enterprise. Never before in human history have so many people been so interconnected, and so dependent on one another. In science and art, at work and play, we increasingly live the collective life.


Co-curated with William A. Ewing for an inagural exhibition at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, South Korea, the proejct illuminates how contemporary photography, notably art photography, is fascinated by, and attempts to decode, the way we live today. ​

The exhibition includes work by artists such as: Thomas Struth, Taryn Simon, Wang Qingsong, Chris Jordan, Richard Mosse, Cindy Sherman, Han Sungpil, Sergey Ponomarev, Larry Sultan, Trent Parke, Valérie Belin, Ed Burtynsky, Xing Danwen, Toshio Shibata and others.

Check out the book published with Thames & Hudson, UK

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