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Sun Yanchu Ficciones

Auto-didact Sun Yanchu uses the photographic medium as material for experimentation. On the one hand, he shoots vigorous and lonely pictures, on the other hand, he tries to find images abandoned by history. By painting and editing them, he gives them a new life. His photos and videos presented at the Nuit des Images combine his personal life experience with his understanding of photography, painting and image editing.

For the 2018 edition of the Nuit des images, Sun Yanchu and the Asia Photography Project propose a workshop that would encourage visitors to Lausanne to expand their frame of reference in photography, giving them access to the creative process of a unique Chinese artist, while at the same time encouraging them to create their own story with found images.

The activity has two parts. First, a discovery projection of Sun Yanchu’s work was shown in the space surrounded by an area where participants could sit and relax. Second, visitors would have the opportunity to work with the artist to create their own photographic collage - exploring the potential of manipulating found photography to find new meaning and paint their own, unique, sublime, narratives. Visitors would then be invited to exhibit their artworks on a collective ephemeral exhibition wall. 

"This project is an interactive one in which everyone can participate because everyone has a natural talent for painting and has had a fun time painting a beard or pair of glasses once on a poster or photograph of someone else. For me, this project is both fun and evocative. It will bring up memories for the participants and allow them to capture their feelings or ideas in their painting.“

- Sun Yanchu

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