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Shan Feiming, Climbing Trees in Search of Fish

M97 Gallery, Shanghai

Collaboration with Steven Harris of M97 on the second solo exhibition of works by Hangzhou-based artist Shan Feiming (b.1978).


"CLIMBING TREES IN SEARCH OF FISH" presents works spanning nearly ten years of the artist's career — including works from his acclaimed series, "Waking from Hibernation", as well as never before exhibited work drawn from the artist's photographic archive. An experimental sound installation from his 2008 series entitled, "Tree Hollow" and one of his 2012 works “Love”, was shown in China for the first time.


The title of the exhibition, "Yuan Mu Qiu Yu", is an old saying from the Chinese philosopher Mencius, literally meaning climbings tree in search of fish - which alludes to a fruitless search or impossible task. Throughout his works Shan Feiming repeatedly looks to nature as the vehicle to express his concerns for social reality or the artist’s own inner dimensions and dilemnas, not mereley as representations of the trees themselves.

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