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Feng Li
White Nights in Wonderland

Shanghai, Stockholm 

"Feng Li: White Nights in Wonderland" invites visitors to experience the spectacle of contemporary society in all its surreal, subtle, and visceral detail as seen through the lens of Feng Li.


Celebrated around the world from Paris to Tokyo, from Shanghai to his hometown of Chengdu, Feng Li cultivated a distinctive visual language that has gained him a richly-deserved international reputation in street photography and fashion. Against the backdrop of our modern cities, his colourful tableaux materialise enigmatic, fleeting instants, and capture quotidian absurdities in the bright light of a flash, blurring night and day. 

Curated for the opening of Fotografiska Shanghai, this exhibition features nearly 200 images shot over the preceding twenty years, presenting never-previously-exhibited photographs, as well as recontextualising some of Feng Li’s most iconic works. Organised loosely chronologically, the exhibition presents in three sections: White Nights, City Express, and What is Fashion? Each draws attention to vital moments in the artist’s development. 

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